Our cutting-edge software platform powers autonomous robots, ensuring efficient and scalable solutions for your warehouse needs

Effortlessly manage, coordinate, and optimise your robotic fleet to boost productivity and reduce costs.

One-stop solution for warehouse automation

Unified platform

Support any type of robot. Easily integrate new robots, all working seamlessly together on PHINXT's universal platform.

Real-time coordination

Our advanced self-coordination capabilities ensure over 98% uptime, supporting your business continuity.

Cloud-edge computing

Fast deployment with low infrastructure requirements.


Distributed intelligence

Robot downtime causes orders to be delayed and limits your business growth. Our unique technology enables robots to directly coordinate movements among themselves even if communication with the task scheduler is temporarily lost—minimising downtime, congestion, and backlogs in your fulfilment operation.

Lightweight deployments

Leveraging the combined power of cloud and edge computing means that we have the lowest infrastructure and setup requirements to automate your warehouse. This reduces upfront and ongoing costs for you and means that our system is both fast to deploy and flexible to upgrade.

Got an existing fleet?

Easily Integrate any type of robot

Easily introduce new robot models from different vendors all working together under PHINXT's universal platform.

Case Study

A 3PL with 5000sqm was looking to improve its operations and offer competitive services to its growing customer base

PHINXT team worked with the 3PL team to map out the warehouse, optimise shelving and introduce 5 robots in first phase to complement the work force with ‘goods to person’ robots.

  • 233% increase in pick rates
  • 400% increase in warehouse throughput with existing staff
  • 70% savings in labour costs
  • 50% reduction in error rates
  • 116% floor space regained with better shelving
  • ROI achieved in 6 months

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